The Garbage Will Do Episode 5

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Episode 5 is hosted by Matt, the self proclaimed “substitute teacher” and we talk about Mike’s nipples; Liam does the news; Matt’s book obsession; We find out what that smell was and how it relates to Han’s name; Moveable wounds; Episode 9’s release date; How too much of a good thing can be a bad thing; Marvel madness: How Agents of Shield is like eating bad beef; How Stan Lee’s death will split the fans; Back to Star Wars: Gavin’s amazing theory that changed Liam’s mind; Segueing into Segways; Lord of the Rings sequels; Mike kind of apologises to George Lucas; What lightsabers we would all want to own; Whether or not we need to bleep “Bastard Sword”; Lightsaber nunchucks and Darth Stump; And finally, the always incredible quiz!